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Do you need :
- a prescription aid?

- a material / product / component reference from an image? 
- a manufacturer/distributor contact?
- a sustainable product alternative?

- a variant?

- an in-depth research?

- an efficient material library?


MAAU works at your branch and with remote follow-up:

Installation de matériauthèque

Creation / Installation of material library 
Digital transition

Do you want to set up an INSPIRATIONAL MATERIAL LIBRARY in your agency? Would you like to make the DIGITAL TRANSITION of your material library, namely to link your SAMPLES to a DATABASE ?

You already have a material library and would like to make it more reliable and optimize its use  according to your needs?  

MAAU checks and completes :

- the documentation  

- the samples

- the contacts of your material library

All our missions are on estimate.

MAAU-sourcing-materiaux-materiautheque-architecture-mission 02.jpg
Suivi conseil et tenue matéiauthèque

Material consultancy

Do you want long-term support?

MAAU is positioned as a MATERIALITY REFERENCE .  MAAU regularly intervenes WITHIN YOUR AGENCY to provide you with advice on materials and products adapted to the needs of current projects and construction sites : help with prescriptions, proposals for variants, sustainable alternatives, SOURCING , contact with manufacturers and intermediaries, ordering samples...

MAAU also takes care of the MAINTENANCE OF YOUR MATERIAL LIBRARY . This means that your employees have the latest elements at their disposal: documentation, relevant contacts, etc.


In this formula, MAAU also responds to your requests outside of the time it is present at your agency.

All our missions are on estimate.  

MAAU-sourcing-materiaux-materiautheque-architecture-mission 03.jpg
Misson personnalisée

Custom mission

You are developing a project under study and need SPECIFIC RESEARCH , a panel of solutions?

You wish to organize the development of a given materiality subject : a constructive system, a material... by hosting a speaker on this theme?

MAAU's offer can be adaptated to your expectations and needs: let's talk together!

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